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About Auto Analytx

I have 26 years experience servicing and repairing vehicles, my favorite part is seeing a satisfied customer drive away.   We are a small repair shop with a strong family and community atmosphere, no sales pitches or recommended work that isn't necessary. The relationship with my customers is very important, both on a personal level as well as the business of taking the best possible care of their vehicles.

We only use OEM or better parts, do not shop at discount auto stores, when the repair is done, its done. No worrying about the car returning for the same repair due to low quality parts be installed. If you have a extended warranty, bring it in for a once over before it expires, we will handle all the footwork, phone calls and approval process, taking any stress off you while the covered repairs are done.

Give us a call or book an appointment online, we are happy to discuss any issues you have with your vehicle and provide solutions to your needs.

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